Takes a tour of ClubClassEnglish Malta, learn English with a Schengen visa to Europe

Hello, Teacher Oh takes you on a tour of Clubclass English Language School. I am very impressed with the location and the completeness of the school. because here, besides being a class There are also many accommodation options. which is in the same area as the school

✅ There is a housekeeper to clean the room. Change bedding once a week.
✅ There is a fitness center, swimming pool, free to use.
✅ There is an inexpensive restaurant in the school.
✅ Free tea and coffee for students during breaks
✅ Only 10 minutes walk to shopping and restaurants

Clubclass English Language School has been in operation since 1999. For over 23 years it has welcomed students from all over the world. Schools are of the same quality as studying English in other leading countries such as England, Australia or the United States. But studying here is cheaper tuition and cost of living.

The school is now hosting a promotion. Tuition Package This will include the enrollment fee. School supplies, accommodation, airport shuttle fees For 6 months of study, starting at only 190,000 baht.

For children who are interested in learning English in Malta You can contact for more information at

For more information about study abroad

📌 Melbourne office
Tel: +61422211183
LINE: @Tycoonedu
Facebook: Tycoon Education

📌 Tycoon Bangkok, Thailand
+66 81 689 1263
LINE: @Tycoonedu
Facebook: Tycoon Education

📌 Tycoon Hat Yai, South Thailand
Tel: +66 88 961 9744
LINE: Tycoonhatyai
Facebook: Tycoon Education Hatyai

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