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Learn German is a western Germanic language. Which is similar to the English language It is the most spoken language in the European Union. With the countries that use German as the official language as follows In the European Union, German Not just used in Germany It is also used in Austria, Liechtenstein, is used in much of Switzerland, Luxembourg, the eastern regions of Belgium.In the European Union, German is the native language spoken by the people. As many as 95 million people

There are many advantages to learning German. Come try and find the answer for yourself. German is one of the most important languages ​​in politics and business and plays an important role in research. Learning languages ​​with us You will practice German in everyday life in Germany. Have the opportunity to visit the financial center of Frankfurt. Or the great city like Munich If learning German as a third language, you are guaranteed a great career advancement. No matter what line of work you are in Because Germany is a country with a good economy at the top in the world, there are many foreign companies investing in Thailand. Knowing the German language will bring money. Career advancement will definitely bring you a lot. Because at present We still have very few German speakers. Does not have as high language competitors as other languages


Introduction of Germany

Capital: Berlin

Government: a liberal democracy and a welfare state

Official language: German

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Topography And climatic conditions:

During winter, it is quite cold. And there is some snow While in the summer The weather is warm. The winds from the south are blown all the time. And most of the year But the wind will not blow too hard And blows more often at night


Educational Institutions in Germany

Sprachcaffe Language Plus is a reputed institution that teaches more than just English language programs. But also have Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Arabic

During the study period, you will also develop your language skills. Learn about German culture, ways of thinking, beliefs and goodwill. Meet with local people While drinking in the beer garden Or while visiting various architectures With a lot of history to learn Studying German with Sprachcaffe Language Plus has two campuses in Munich and Frankfurt.


Get to know the city of Frankfurt

Frankfurt is located on the banks of the River Mile. It’s an economic center And European finance Frankfurt is currently the second largest European financial center after London. Frankfurt is a city of high-rise buildings. It was nicknamed Mainhatten, when looked closely, it revealed the charm of the big city. With beautiful old houses that have been restored in the center of the city

Frankfurt City has food And a variety of local drinks You cannot miss the famous apple wine. Eat Frankfurt’s sausage Or famous food such as pork cutlets, eaten with sauerkraut, and there are also many festivals, especially the Christmas market that takes place regularly in winter In the old town Frankfurt sports Frankfurt has its own soccer, hockey and basketball teams. Especially the famous team Deutsche Bank Skyliner.


Sprachcaffe Language School Frankfurt

Sprachcaffe Language Plus Frankfurt is situated in a stylish district. Have a good shopping Luxurious boutiques, cafes and bars within the institution have a coffee corner. And a terrace where students can lounge and relax in their free time Crossing the Eiserner Steg Bridge is just a few minutes to the city center. You’ll see Romer Square. Cross the street to the Paulskirche, cradle of German democracy. All in the midst of high-rise buildings And Frankfurt bank office Located just a two-minute walk from the institute, the museum has the River Mile where people enjoy meeting and chatting on sunny days.

The district where the institution is located is called Sachsenhausen It can be said that it is the most luxurious district of the city. It is divided into 2 parts, that is the old town where you can go for a walk on the narrow cobblestone streets. With a small gable roof house Where you will find many pubs Another part is the modern part, there are pubs, charming cafes. And many boutiques Travel experience germany Discover and get to know more about Germany. Our staff in Frankfurt and Munich organize excursions on weekends. To Berlin Germany capital And amazing cities like Munich (Bavaria)

Our course

Sprachcaffe Language Institute – Language Queries Plus There are many courses to choose from. Whether it is a standard course, an intensive course, a one-on-one course. Or will it be other courses Our institution has the following qualifications.

Professional, qualified and native teachers.

Effective teaching methods And easy to understand even a beginner

Teaching programs designed by the institution have a reasonable amount of time. Both the curriculum and learning materials are constantly being updated.

School courses

  • Standard Course
  • Intensive Course
  • One to One Course
  • Exam Prep and Academic Term
  • Standard Course/ TestDAF
  • University Pathways
  • Elective Course

Teaching model

We have developed teaching methods. Until the great success of our language learning We have transformed the learning process with stress. To be a natural learning experience And full of creativity We also have the flexibility of teaching and learning. To help students make the most of their language skills And in the shortest possible time As far as possible

The institution believes that Communication between classmates It will help students to absorb language more quickly. And remember them by heart Learn vocabulary takes place directly in practice. And includes discussion, questioning, and role play.

Outstanding features of the instructor

All our instructors are professional. And highly motivated And that teaches in their mother tongue And in addition to the classroom They will also be happy to advise students on the language. Or answer any questions About local culture and sports Willingly

Study Club will be a new program that will be added to students in 2019, with free 2 lessons or 1.5 hours per week included with all courses the student chooses to study. Students can spend time right here. Talk to the teacher to help you teach. Give advice on the part of homework and others, including a resume in applying for a job. Where our teachers will help students with reviews and advice on writing in language, grammar and more.

Accommodation of the institution

Apartment type or homestay that allows you to chat with local people and foreign friends. When applying to study German in Frankfurt With Sprachcaffe Language Institute – Language Queries Plus There will be several types of accommodations to choose from. Which we provide to suit the language learning abroad And to enjoy life to the fullest In a comfortable place to stay Which students can choose according to their convenience Where the comforts of home

In addition to learning language in the classroom They also practice this new language in daily life with other people they meet. All types of our accommodation It gives students the opportunity to spend time making new friends. Whether it is a local home owner Or fellow foreign students who stay together

Institution location: Sprachcaffe Frankfurt

  • Gartenstraße 6 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Get to know the city of Munich

Munich is a fairy-tale city in Bavaria. It is another city that truly represents Germany. Both in terms of culture and tradition You can assure you that your learning in Munich will be inspired and unforgettable. With a stunningly beautiful architecture Roadside beer garden And the beauty of trees and flowers everywhere Come learn German with us and experience the culture of Europe’s largest economy for yourself. We are ready to take you to learn and open up your world and fulfill your dreams here.


Sprachcaffe Language Plus Munich

Sprachcaffe Language Plus Munich is located close to the city center and not far from the train. Schwabing-West In the neighborhood of more than 50 restaurants, students can walk to bars and cinemas. The school is on the corner of the road. Elisabethplatz The site is named after Sissi (Elizabeth of Austria), who married Emperor Franz Joseph in 1854, where it was a popular marketplace for over a hundred years. The school is located just 15 minutes from English Garten and has the largest park in the world.

You can travel conveniently at every station connected to the Skytrain.

  • U-Bahn: U3 – U6 (Stop: Giselastraße)
  • Straßenbahn: 27 -28 (Stop: Elisabethplatz)

Institute facilities

  • Seven classrooms
  • Located in the building connected to the accommodation.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Student lounge

School courses

  • Standard Course
  • Intensive Course
  • One to One Course
  • University Pathways
  • Elective Course

Study Club will be a new program that will be added to students in 2019, with free 2 lessons or 1.5 hours per week included with all courses the student chooses to study. Students can spend time right here. Talk to the teacher to help you teach. Give advice on the part of homework and others, including a resume in applying for a job. Where our teachers will help students with reviews and advice on writing in language, grammar and more.

Out-of-class activities of the institution

For special events that are held, including full day trips And half a day, once a week as well, which will be a trip to nearby cities such as Mines, Wiesbaden and Heidelberg. As well as visiting attractions in the city such as “Haus der Kunst”, the European Central Bank, the old opera house, trade fair, the Main Tower, Zeil, the shopping district of Goethe Street, Commerzbank Arena ( World Cup stadium) and horse racing track. Or even a culinary city tour

In addition to learning And develop German language skills In Germany, which is already a native speaker You also get to know this amazing country, chill out and sip wine in the bar. Take a walk along the river Admire the beautiful old architecture In my free time, there are also various activities. Choose according to your interests. During studying with us You will learn German lifestyles, cultures, thoughts and attitudes.

Accommodation of the Munich branch

Accommodation will be host family only. Including 1 breakfast Or including 2 meals Open a chance to chat with local people and foreign friends.

Institution location: Sprachcaffe Language Plus Munich

Karl-Theodor-Str. 93 80796 München, Deutschland


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