Sprachcaffe Languages Plus

Sprachcaffe Language Plus is a reputable and multidisciplinary institution in many countries around the world. In addition to the English language course There are also courses in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Arabic.

Sprachcaffe Language Plus has branches in 4 countries.


🇬🇧 Sprachcaffe English Plus in England 🇬🇧

English Courses In England for Adults

Experience the intricate and dynamic language of English in its country of Origin: England. From the Elizabethan era to the modern transition, become a part of the culture that the English language has introduced. With endless history in every cobblestone from city to country England boasts a learning experience unlike any other. And what better way to embrace every facet of the experience than by acquiring or improving a life-long skill?

Experience a learning opportunity while enjoying the sights and tourist joys with an overall holiday feel in every aspect of the course. From royal palaces and historical landmarks to buzzing nightlife or serene walks in natural wonders, England has an attraction for every individual. The atmosphere that embraces you as you walk through the English streets will remain a part of your soul.

Why is England one of Sprachcaffe’s Most Popular Destinations?

With a variety of venues to choose from you are afforded the luxury of choosing a learning environment that appeals to you on every level. Whether you are looking for historical and cultural immersion in the hustle of one of Europe’s premier sightseeing cities or a vibrant seaside escape, our courses are custom designed to suit every student’s needs. Sprachcaffe schools give you the opportunity to experience a burst of culture and language every day while you experiment with your newly acquired skills outside of the classroom with the locals or fellow students.

Observe the English language in a free and informal environment or engage in conversations over a meal in a traditional English pub or while lazing on a sunny Brighton beach. With schools in the buzz of big city London, the quiet natural wonder of Devon or alongside the lively Brighton beach you have the opportunity to experience any aspect of England that attracts your eye. Every aspect of the course will prove to be an unforgettable experience, not only will you be welcomed into the Sprachcaffe family but you will be welcomed into the English community.

Our course leaders are always ready and willing to answer any questions or to simply offer recommendations on tourist attractions or recreational activities for every individual student. With every language goal mere steps away from being achieved we aim to ensure that all of our students are not treated as students but are thought of as friends to create an informal and stress free learning environment. By ensuring memorable learning and travel experiences we aim to promote cultural, historical and natural immersion to not only acquire a language skill but to acquire a love for the diverse and awe inspiring country of England.


🇲🇹 Sprachcaffe Languages Plus in Malta 🇲🇹

At our St. Julian’s school we offer a variety of English language courses: whether you’d prefer an intensive course in order to make rapid progress or a special exam course to prepare for the Cambridge Language Certificate, or one of our other courses, we’ll get you to the level you want.

In addition to learning English, you’ll become familiar with the daily lives of the Maltese people, enjoy their traditional cuisine, discover the local history and art and immediately apply your new skills after every lesson.

Our language school in Malta: Learn in the best location

The well-known and popular location of St. Julian´s offers a large pool, a delicious, inexpensive bistro, a bar and beach volleyball. The teaching is also of extraordinary quality, because Sprachcaffe only uses native-speaking teachers. The perfect equipment of our language school Malta fits to this: All classrooms are air- Additional highlights are:

On campus one has a library where you can borrow English books, both textbooks and popular literature. There is a common room where there is strict peace and quiet and where you can retreat to study together. There are 2 multimedia rooms that you can reserve for video evenings. The reception is open 24 hours a day, where you will always find a contact person. conditioned and handicapped accessible.

English Courses St. Julian’s

  • Variety of course types – from exam prep to business classes
  • Includes placement test & certificate
  • Native English-speaking teachers
  • Individually tailored teaching

🇩🇪 Sprachcaffe Languages Plus in Germany 🇩🇪

During the study period, you will also develop your language skills. Learn about German culture, ways of thinking, beliefs and goodwill. Meet with local people While drinking in the beer garden Or while visiting various architectures With a lot of history to learn Studying German with Sprachcaffe Language Plus has two campuses in Frankfurt and Munich.

Professional, qualified and native teachers.

Effective teaching methods And easy to understand even a beginner

Teaching programs designed by the institution have a reasonable amount of time. Both the curriculum and learning materials are constantly being updated.

School courses

  • Standard Course
  • Intensive Course
  • One to One Course
  • Exam Prep and Academic Term
  • Standard Course/ TestDAF
  • University Pathways
  • Elective Course

1. Sprachcaffe Language Plus Frankfurt

Sprachcaffe Language Plus Frankfurt is situated in a stylish district. Have a good shopping Luxurious boutiques, cafes and bars within the institution have a coffee corner. And a terrace where students can lounge and relax in their free time Crossing the Eiserner Steg Bridge is just a few minutes to the city center. You’ll see Romer Square. Cross the street to the Paulskirche, cradle of German democracy. All in the midst of high-rise buildings And Frankfurt bank office Located just a two-minute walk from the institute, the museum has the River Mile where people enjoy meeting and chatting on sunny days.

The district where the institution is located is called Sachsenhausen It can be said that it is the most luxurious district of the city. It is divided into 2 parts, that is the old town where you can go for a walk on the narrow cobblestone streets. With a small gable roof house Where you will find many pubs Another part is the modern part, there are pubs, charming cafes. And many boutiques Travel experience germany Discover and get to know more about Germany. Our staff in Frankfurt and Munich organize excursions on weekends. To Berlin Germany capital And amazing cities like Munich (Bavaria)

Accommodation of the institution

Apartment type or homestay that allows you to chat with local people and foreign friends. When applying to study German in Frankfurt With Sprachcaffe Language Institute – Language Queries Plus There will be several types of accommodations to choose from. Which we provide to suit the language learning abroad And to enjoy life to the fullest In a comfortable place to stay Which students can choose according to their convenience Where the comforts of home

In addition to learning language in the classroom They also practice this new language in daily life with other people they meet. All types of our accommodation It gives students the opportunity to spend time making new friends. Whether it is a local home owner Or fellow foreign students who stay together

Institution location: Sprachcaffe Frankfurt

Gartenstraße 6 60594 Frankfurt am Main


2. Sprachcaffe Language Plus Munich

Sprachcaffe Language Plus Munich is located close to the city center and not far from the train. Schwabing-West In the neighborhood of more than 50 restaurants, students can walk to bars and cinemas. The school is on the corner of the road. Elisabethplatz The site is named after Sissi (Elizabeth of Austria), who married Emperor Franz Joseph in 1854, where it was a popular marketplace for over a hundred years. The school is located just 15 minutes from English Garten and has the largest park in the world.

Accommodation of the Munich branch

Accommodation will be host family only. Including 1 breakfast Or including 2 meals Open a chance to chat with local people and foreign friends.

Institution location: Sprachcaffe Language Plus Munich

Karl-Theodor-Str. 93 80796 München, Deutschland


🇪🇸 Sprachcaffe Languages Plus in Spain 🇪🇸

Sprachcaffe Languages ​​Plus has 3 locations in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.

During their studies, students will have the opportunity to practice Spanish with local residents. Develop a language better and faster while getting to know new countries. Learn about the culture, traditions, thoughts and lives And the goodwill of the local people All of these will make learning Spanish abroad a rewarding and memorable experience. In addition to learning a new language It is also considered to have a vacation trip as well


เมือง มาดริด (Madrid)

1. Sprachcaffe Language Plus in Madrid

Sprachcaffe Language Plus Madrid is housed in a beautiful listed building near Porta Del Sol, known as Spain’s Kilometer Zero. Classrooms are on the top floor of the building and offer great views. From this point one can see how the residents of Madrid live. However, this area is still calm and suitable for studying. Walk just a few steps to reach the palace. And the famous El Prado museum And located in the heart of the city The institute is located in a beautiful ancient style townhouse. If you go up to the top of the academy You will find beautiful scenery. A place where you can enjoy a glimpse of how the people of Madrid are. And we have also prepared all the necessary materials for your studies. The institute is not far from Porta Del Sol and also offers easy access to the Royal Palace, El Prado Museum, theaters, restaurants and drinks, shops, etc.


เมือง บาเซโลน่า (Barcelona)

2. Sprachcaffe Language Plus in Barcelona

Our institution is located in the center of the cultural center of Barcelona city It is a very wonderful and exciting city. It’s also great for those interested in Spanish culture. And it’s great for learning Spanish as well. But no matter how busy this city is The institute will take care of To make sure you are in the right place It is most suitable for studying And get the impression And everything as you want From the location of our institution Able to travel to various points Important of the city of Barcelona as well. It’s easy to get to The Ramblas, Barcelona’s most famous shopping street. Including local style bars, galleries, shops, clothing stores, music stores, etc. Wherever you are, you do not need to travel long distances. Because everything is close to the institute only a block.


เมือง มาลากา (Malaga)

3. Sprachcaffe Language Plus in Malaga

At the Sprahcaffe Language Institute in Malaga, you will learn Spanish in a natural setting. This allows you to learn the language by chatting with fellow students and Spaniards, the people here are very friendly.

Our Spanish language courses in Malaga have courses that suit everyone. Start at a minimum of 2 weeks or take an intensive course during your summer here. Why not get to know the beauty of this city? And comfortable air You will never forget coming to learn a language in Malaga, Spain.

Other institutions, please contact our team

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