LSC Malta tour, learn English in Malta. Study a degree in Malta, get a degree from England.

Teacher Oh had the opportunity to go to LSC Malta (Malta) or London School of Commerce Malta.

🚩 LSC is an institution with its main campus in London, England, with a campus in Malta. Founded in June 2014

🚩 Offer interesting study courses both english bachelor and master business administration

📌 The LSC English Academy

The Academic English Program is designed for students who wish to prepare before entering a degree programme. The things that will be received after taking this course are Possess good speaking, listening, reading and writing skills that can be applied to academic studies. Able to write academic essays and able to use academic terminology Able to present academically

Lessons: 20 lessons/week
Course duration: 3 hours per day/ 15 hours per week
The cost of studying English for 6 months is 2,300 euros or more than 8 thousand baht.
and 12 months 3,950 euros or about 1.4 hundred thousand baht

📌 Bachelor’s Degree Program
Bachelor with Honors in Business is a basic course in business operations. It is a modern course in line with today’s business world. Can be used to continue to study at a higher level in other subjects very well

In Year 1 and 2, students study the fundamentals of business theory, and in Year 3, students can choose to study according to their specialties and interests at two universities: the University of Suffolk or the University of Bedfordshire, which offer courses in Different 3rd year

Academic language course for 4 months and a bachelor’s degree
BA+ENG 04 Tuition Fee 11,950 Euro or about 4 hundred thousand baht.
Duration: 3 Years + 4 Months

📌 Master’s degree program
LSC’s MBA program is designed to provide students with a wide range of sciences. important of business The course of study is the same as in England. Students will study 5 compulsory subjects and 1 specific subject according to their interests. including one elective course in the last semester of study Whether choosing to do a thesis or a business plan writing project They are awarded a master’s degree from the University of Bedfordshire or the University of Suffolk.

🚩 Master in Business Administration (Full-Time) by University of Bedfordshire or University of Suffolk
Duration of study 1 year, tuition fee 6,950 euros or about 2.5 hundred thousand baht.

🚩 Academic English Program + Master’s Degree MBA Package

🚩 Academic English 4 months + Master’s degree MBA: Tuition fee 7,950 euros or approximately 2.9 hundred thousand baht for a total of 16 months of study.

🚩 6 Months Academic English + Master’s Degree MBA: Tuition Fee 8,950 Euro or approximately 3.3 hundred thousand baht, total duration 18 months.

‼️ For any children or parents who are interested in studying in Malta You can ask for more details at Facebook, LINE Official or at Tycoon office, Bangkok branch 🇹🇭 and Melbourne branch 🇦🇺.

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