Australian news update apply for a new no fee

Because Australia is still closing. There is no definite opening date for the country. For students residing in Thailand who already have a student but have not been permitted to enter Australia The Australian Embassy is therefore giving the opportunity for those who have been approved for a student from 1 February 2020 onwards who are affected have to postpone their travel and coursework. A new application can be submitted without having to pay the fee.

Therefore, students who have been granted There are the following and study options.

1. Be able to take online courses at that institution while waiting to study in Australia.
2. Students can request to postpone the start of the course with the school. until the country opens

In the event that Australia announces that it is open to travel to the country but the student has expired or does not cover the period of study applied for Students will need to renew their. in order to cover the student’s course The application fee will be waived. due to the impact of COVID-19 Students must request Form 1545 with the institution they are applying for. for the submission of a new application

* Note, except in the case of students who wish to study additional courses To renew an Australian The student fee must be paid in full.

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